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Photography has been part of my life since childhood, when I would sit for hours playing with my grandfather’s old box Brownie.  This grew into a passion which has remained with me ever since.  I feel especially fortunate that my love of photography has grown to become my career.  Perfectly capturing those special moments for other people, whether it’s a wedding or a family photographic session in the great outdoors, means so much to me.

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I have always lived in Hampshire, within touching distance of both an historic coastline and beautiful countryside.  This, combined with the proximity of the lovely counties of West Sussex and Surrey, enables my wife and I to combine our passion for walking and photography (when our cats Tilly and Erin allow us to go out!)


I pride myself on delivering an exceptional service for my clients and will talk through the whole process before your special day, including your own 'individual requirements' and ideas. 


My easy going manner makes the whole process fun, fluid and as seamless as possible allowing me to concentrate on the photography and you to relax knowing everything is in hand.



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