Photograph Restoration & Slide Conversion.


Remembering the past, helps to define our future!

Most of us have special memories in the form of photographs. Sadly photographs, like most things, can deteriorate with time. If this is the case for you, don't lose those special memories. I can restore them for you, back to the condition the day they were taken. Also if you have a photograph you love but feel it could do with a bit of a tidy up then this I can do for you too. If you have a box of old slides stored in the attic, I can convert these to a digital format and if required restore them for you.

Photograph Restoration

The images below were very deteriorated when I received them. Some of the images date back to 1870, so were in desperate need of some restorative work. It was lovely to see how happy people were with the end result.

 Click on an image for more details & to enlarge.


Photograph Colourising

Slide & Negative Conversion

The slides below were very deteriorated when I received them, Once they were converted to digital they were restored in the same way as if they were photographs.

Photo Fixes

The bride & groom had the images below taken abroad by a local photographer and on their return to the UK asked me if I would take the clutter out of the pictures and adjust the colour, as they wanted their images for an album. They were very pleased with the result. Please click on an image to see the difference.